Wholesale/Customizable Marketing Items

We carry an array of eco friendly gifts and premiums for your marketing efforts. With a low minimum requirement we are able to help organizations big and small to customize in making impactful impressions by having your corporate branding displayed in unique and eco friendly items.

 Eco Amigo The Frankie Shop Sean Lennon FIJI Water Eco Can
Tyvek Customizable Packaging - brand it Eco Amigo - Cruelty Free Personal Accessories Print on Demand PU Leather
Eco Amigo PLA non Woven Bags Eco Amigo - FIJI Water PLA Non Woven Promotional Tote
Eco Amigo - Eco Cans for SKYPE, Major Cineplex, Excelsior, G.O.D. Eco Amigo - Bamboo Fibre Cup with Lids
Eco Amigo - Vancouver Aquarium Walrus Eco Can 1 Eco Amigo - Vancouver Aquarium Walrus 2
Eco Amigo - Vancouver Aquarium Sloth 1 Eco Amigo - Vancouver Aquarium Sloth 2 Born To Be Wild


Major Cineplex, SKYPE, G.O.D., Excelsior, FIJI Water, Vancouver Aquarium and World Wildlife Fund are some of the brands we have worked with in their marketing efforts.

We look forward in creating the best impression of your company in front of your customers. For more information on both wholesale and customization, please email salina@ecoamigo.com