Eco Amigo - Cafe Plus with Color Strips Cork Sleeve
Eco Amigo - Cafe Plus with Lid Off

Eco Amigo - PLA Cafe Plus with Cork Mug Sleeve with Color Strips

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Mug Size: 78mm x 148mm

Mug Capacity: 400ml 

Mug Sleeve Material: Cork 

Mug Material: Polylactic Acid Heat Resistant - 0% plastic; 0% Toxicity

Fit for both Cafe Plus 400ml (heat resistant and cold drink versions), and most of our mugs. 

Perfect size for your "TALL" drink on the go. Suitable for any acidic drinks like coffee, herbal tea, juice... as it is made from natural materials.


1. ECO - 100% natural materials. Compostable.
2. Plastic Free - 0% Plastic; 0% Toxicity; no metal leaking into your coffee/tea from liner degradation
3. Heat resistant - Up to -120 degree celcius
4. Microwave & Dishwasher Top-rack safe
5. Leaf proof - *only for cold / room temp beverage
6. Swivel tab - Easy opening
7. Screw cap - Convenient for refilling beverage & cleaning
8. Design - Patented